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Jinxin magnetic material: why amorphous core is widely used in domestic high pow

publish time:2019-11-26 18:33:43

At present, the proportion of amorphous core used in domestic high-power welding machine is very large, while ferrite core is still used in most foreign countries. Using the most 20kHz inverter frequency, the amorphous core should have more material cost advantage than ferrite. However, due to the characteristics of the material, at present, the amorphous core can only be supplied in a ring way, which is not convenient for the automatic winding of the coil. Most foreign enterprises use ferrite core instead of amorphous core, while domestic enterprises widely use amorphous core due to the consideration of material cost.

The technology of soft switching power supply is not very common in foreign inverter welding machines, especially in 20kHz inverter welding machines, most of which are still based on hard switches, but the capacity redundancy of the switching devices used is much larger than that of domestic welding machines, so as to ensure the high reliability of inverter power supply. This is determined by different labor costs. Because of the manufacturing and assembly costs of the additional electromagnetic components required by the soft switching circuit, the cost of the amorphous iron core will exceed the material cost of increasing the capacity of the switching device where the labor cost is high. In foreign soft switching power supply technology, amorphous core is mainly used for welding machine with high frequency and high power, which works in 60-120khz. It is mainly used to improve the response speed of power supply and facilitate more precise waveform control process.

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