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Permalloy iron core: detailed explanation of circuit board magnetic component ma
The components related to "magnetism" in the circuit board include permalloy core, inductance coil, transformer, electromagnetic relay, contactor, Hall sensor, etc. In this paper, Jinxin magnetic material expla...
2019/11/26Read more

What are the advantages of amorphous core over traditional core
The magnetic core plays an important role in the electronic transformer. A good magnetic core will affect the efficiency of the electronic transformer. Traditional cores are made of ordinary ferrite. However...
2019/11/26Read more

Jinxin magnetic material: why amorphous core is widely used in domestic high pow
At present, the proportion of amorphous core used in domestic high-power welding machine is very large, while ferrite core is still used in most foreign countries. Using the most 20kHz inverter frequency, ...
2019/11/26Read more

Jinxin magnetic material interprets the function of current transformer
Current transformer, taken out of context, is an instrument with mutual influence of two currents. So the question is, what is the function of current transformer? Measurement? Protection? Let's take a ...
2019/11/26Read more

What are the uses of common mode inductance and differential mode inductance?
The design of power filter can be considered from common mode and differential mode. The most important part of the common mode filter is the common mode choke. Compared with the differential mode choke,...
2019/11/26Read more

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