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Introduction to the characteristics of nanocrystalline core materials
It is known that Fe Si super grains with typical grain size of 10-15nm are the basis of excellent soft magnetic properties. Understanding the microstructure of materials does not automatically lead to feas...
2019/11/26Read more

Jinxin magnetic: how to make the annealing nanocrystalline iron core convenient
After annealing, the brittleness of nanocrystalline iron core is very large, so it is not suitable to cut it directly. Generally, epoxy resin is used as the curing agent to encapsulate and solidify the i...
2019/11/26Read more

Detailed explanation of the common coding rules of nanocrystalline cores
Nanocrystalline and amorphous soft cores have excellent comprehensive magnetoelectric properties, such as low magnetic induction strength, low permeability, high core loss and good high frequency characteristics....
2019/11/26Read more

Interpretation of the types and applications of nanocrystalline cores by Jinxin
Nanocrystalline core has high permeability, high full magnetic induction strength, low coercive force and low loss. Suitable for EMC / EMI filter common mode inductance, high frequency transformer, frequency ...
2019/11/26Read more

Permalloy iron core: detailed explanation of circuit board magnetic component ma
The components related to "magnetism" in the circuit board include permalloy core, inductance coil, transformer, electromagnetic relay, contactor, Hall sensor, etc. In this paper, Jinxin magnetic material expla...
2019/11/26Read more

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ADD:building D, anfeng industrial park, shiguan liangrun road, dalang street, longhua, shenzhen
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