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Detailed explanation of the common coding rules of nanocrystalline cores

publish time:2019-11-26 18:37:50

Nanocrystalline and amorphous soft cores have excellent comprehensive magnetoelectric properties, such as low magnetic induction strength, low permeability, high core loss and good high frequency characteristics. Compared with traditional soft magnetic materials such as ferrite, silicon steel, permalloy, etc., it has lower performance price ratio and is widely used in modern communication, power electronics, electromagnetic compatibility, sensors and other low-tech industries, especially in lightweight, high-frequency, low-efficiency inductance and transformer product design. It has a very bad development prospect. According to the classification of application fields, nanocrystalline and amorphous soft magnetic core include the following brand series:

FJ series air gap free amorphous inductor core and winding inductor for automotive audio, FPC, differential mode and smooth filtering

For FG ring and c-notch inductors, core and winding inductors, differential mode and smooth filtering

Wul high inductance core and winding inductance, EMC common mode anti-interference filter

WWL nanocrystalline core, switching power supply, inverter power transformer and low remanence for monopolar pulse

CL type cobalt based amorphous core, low remanence high frequency power transformer

CB and CZ type Co based amorphous core, peak suppression and magnetic amplifier

FX type iron-based composite core and cobalt based wide constant conductivity core, precision DC transformer

Large current (50-250a) chopping, differential mode and smooth filtering for C-type and rod-shaped cores and wound inductors

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