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Nanocrystalline inductance

Product Details
Common mode inductor core

EMC and EMI common mode filters in single-phase and three-phase power lines and various power sources have high permeability, low coercive force and good performance index of high efficiency. The magnetic properties of iron-based super microcrystalline iron core are compared with permalloy and silicon steel sheet. The saturation magnetic induction strength t1.25, initial magnetic conductivity > 80000 Curie temperature TC, ℃ > 570, maximum magnetic permeability > 200000 crystallization temperature TX, ℃ > 500 coercive force Force, a / M < 2 saturation magnetostrictive coefficient × 10-6 < 2 iron loss (20kHz, 0.5T) w / kg < 25 continuous working temperature range - 55 ~ 130 ℃ iron loss (100kHz, 0.2T) w / kg < 70 residual magnetic induction intensity 0.5 ~ 0.8 iron loss change rate (- 50 ~ 130 ℃)

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ADD:building D, anfeng industrial park, shiguan liangrun road, dalang street, longhua, shenzhen
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