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Nanocrystalline core: the secret of amorphous strip!

publish time:2019-11-26 18:27:44

What is amorphous strip? There are two kinds of materials that people touch in daily life: one is crystalline material, the other is amorphous material. The so-called crystal data means that the atoms inside the data follow certain rules. On the contrary, if the internal atoms are placed in an irregular state, it is an amorphous material. For general metals, the internal atoms are placed orderly and all belong to the crystalline material.

Scientists have found that after the metal melts, the internal atoms are in an active state. Once the metal begins to cool, the atoms will follow the temperature drop, and slowly in accordance with a certain crystal state, orderly placed to form a crystal. If the cooling process is very fast, the atoms will be condensed before they are placed again, so the amorphous alloy will be produced. It is a rapid condensation process that is used to prepare the amorphous alloy. The molten high-temperature molten steel is sprayed on the high-speed rotating cooling roller. The molten steel cools rapidly at the rate of millions of degrees per second. In a thousandth of a second, the molten steel at 1300 ℃ is reduced to below 200 ℃ to form amorphous strip.

Primary characteristics of amorphous

1. The amorphous is composed of ferromagnetic elements (Fe, Ni, CO) and amorphous elements (Si, B, c);

2. Characteristics of amorphous crystal: low coercive force, high permeability, low loss, low saturation magnetic induction, high resistivity, high temperature stability, excellent frequency characteristics and adjustable magnetic function;

3. After proper annealing, the specific total loss of Fe based amorphous strip is lower than that of oriented silicon steel strip.

Use of amorphous strip.

Compared with crystalline alloy, the physical, chemical and mechanical functions of amorphous alloy have changed significantly.

As an example, the amorphous alloy, which is mainly composed of iron element, has the characteristics of high saturation magnetic induction strength and low loss. Because of these characteristics, amorphous alloy materials have wide application space in many fields, such as electronics, aviation, aerospace, machinery, microelectronics and so on. For example, in the field of aerospace, it can reduce the components of power supply and equipment and add payloads. For civil power and electronic equipment, it can greatly reduce the volume of power supply, improve efficiency and enhance anti-interference ability. Miniature core can be used in many transformers of ISDN. Amorphous strips are used to make sensor labels for supermarket and library security systems. The magic effect of amorphous alloy has a broad market prospect.

At present, with the development of electronic technology towards high frequency and miniaturization, amorphous super microcrystalline soft magnetic alloy materials have been made into a variety of magnetic devices instead of silicon steel, ferrite and permalloy, which are used in the fields of power industry, electronic industry and power electronic technology, as current transformer, high-power switching power supply, inverter power supply and program-controlled switch power supply Filter, transformer, sensor, etc.

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