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Concentrate on nanocrystals, Polo alloy cores for R&D, production and sales
We focus on making magnetic cores, so it's worth rest assured!
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Nanocrystalline, permalloy core integrated solution provider

Because of the core, all worth rest assured
Focus on magnetic industry more than 10 years
  The factory focuses on the magnetic material industry for more than 10 years, many years of service experience for big brands at home and abroad, skilled technology, free design for customers reliable excellent program.
  Continuously improve the technology, produce more energy saving, environmental protection, safe and efficient products, meet and exceed customer expectations, contribute to the energy saving and emission reduction of mankind, and promote the development of green energy.
Has a strong production capacity
  The factory has a monthly production capacity of 50 tons of nanocrystalline (polmo alloy) strip and amorphous strip, with an annual output of over 80 million nanocrystalline and polmo alloy magnetic cores.
  The factory has international advanced amorphous and nanocrystal strip spraying equipment and automatic magnetic core production line, as well as vacuum smelting equipment.
High standard quality inspection system, to create first-class brand quality
  To build first-class brand quality, craftsmanship, quality and customer demand, the company's long-term adhere to unwavering.
  From the initial raw materials, to each technological process, to the final sample test, there is a strict check, zero defects as the goal of strict quality requirements.
Perfect service system, attentive service for customers
 Provide customers with professional sales staff and experienced engineers one-to-one service, sales staff on customer classification, demand investigation, simple technical communication, technical staff for detailed communication, technical design communication, sample customization, revision, approval, trial order, mass production, etc.
  Actively and quickly respond to customer needs. We have a professional marketing team, market research, network and other comprehensive marketing, to help partners progress and grow together, every quarter at least a visit to guide the technical exchange.
Really save time, effort and worry for customers
Company ProfileYour honest partner is trustworthy!
Shenzhen xinhui magnets co., LTD. Is committed to amorphous nanocrystalline permalloy core product research and development production and sales, the main products are: nanocrystalline strip superfine crystal core permalloy core power transformer core nanocrystalline copper take electromagnetic loop inductance coil open jewels transformer common-mode inductor precision current transformer and other products have the advantages of good stability and high electrical parameters... [查看更多]
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