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Open air gap core

Product Details

I. Product Description:

The open air gap magnetic core is made of high-quality super microcrystalline strip with unique opening process. It has high saturation magnetic induction strength, high current resistant dc-bais performance, good frequency stability, low loss and good consistency. It can be used as a variety of differential mode, PFC inductor, Hall sensor, and is an excellent substitute for sendust (FE Si Al powder core) and MPP core (Fe Ni Mo powder core).

II. Product characteristics:

High saturation magnetic induction intensity - reduce device volume

High permeability and low coercivity - improving device efficiency

Low loss - reduced temperature rise

Core opening - excellent magnetic bias and constant inductance characteristics

Good stability - can work at - 55-130 ° C

III. common specifications:

3. Size specification and electrical parameters:

1) size and specification

Dimension of magnetic core (mm) dimension (mm) dimension (mm) electrical parameter idododdhal (μ h) atjx2200512205.09.722.58.00.085180jx2200812208.09.722.511.00.120180jx2261016012610.014.330.

2) technical parameters of winding inductance

Size of magnetic core (mm) rated current (a) inductance (μ h) rated current current (a) inductance (μ h) value (μ h) turn number njx2200812 × 20 × × 26 × × 32 × × 40 × 12.40 × 052025517075450.1406143352318

IV. application fields:

1) it field: PFC core; 2) power supply field: power factor correction inductor core; 3) household appliances: filter inductor; 4) air conditioning, digital TV power factor correction inductor core.

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