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Microcrystalline iron core

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The core made of super microcrystalline strip has high permeability and low coercive force. It is very sensitive to leakage current at the initial stage of magnetization, and the action current of leakage switch made of the core is small. At the same time, it has good resistance to high current impact. Because nanocrystalline um is one order of magnitude higher than permalloy and has high sensitivity, the number of turns of primary winding can be reduced for leakage switch with the same sensitivity, so the volume of leakage switch can be reduced accordingly, which not only saves cost but also meets the technical requirements

Characteristics of transformer core made of microcrystalline core

1. Low coercive force, high initial permeability -- can reduce the action current of leakage switch

2. The saturation magnetic induction intensity is higher than permalloy

3. High permeability -- greatly improve the accuracy of transformer and reduce the ratio difference

4. Light weight and low cost -- the price is obviously superior to permalloy

5. It has good anti overload ability and good temperature stability -- it can work for a long time at 55-130 ℃

Magnetic properties of iron-based nanocrystalline alloy for the core of leakage protection switch transformer (compared with permalloy) basic magnetic parameters saturation magnetic induction strength BS (T) saturation magnetostriction coefficient (PPM) resistivity (μ Ω - cm) Curie temperature (℃) residual magnetic induction strength Br (T) initial permeability (GS / OE) maximum permeability (GS / OE) coercive force HC (A / M) microcrystalline core 1.3 < 2805700.60-0.7 > 80000 > 260000 < 1.5

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